Better Best Friends Build Better Relationships
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Everybody Knows that Every Friendship Grows When You Give More than You Take So let... 

Your, My and Our Better Best Friend Help You Build Better Relationships Better than a Best Friend Can! 

When You Take a Great Selfie and Want to Keep that Special Photo on Your Desk or Mantle for Years... 

Let Us "Nail-it-to-Paper"  on a Custom Greeting Card that is Handmade by You on Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop   

Create Your Own Photo Card or choose from 1,000's of greeting cards 
you can customize on our App or Website... 

You can even add a Gift like Brownies or Cookies or more.

Here are a few custom photo cards I've made with photos from my phone, Facebook or Instagram.  They're fun to make and a great creative outlet.  


Most of us Eventually throw  
away cards that were bought  
in a store, but no one with a HEART  
will EVER throw away a photo that has  
a special memory that was important  
enough to Nail-it & Mail-it.  
They'll Appreciate You Forever!   

Let Us Print it, Stuff it,  
Stamp it, and Mail it  
to that Special Person  
You Want to Impress.

You'll Feel Good Sending it and 
Everyone that gets a custom photo card
 has a big smile and warm feeling when they get it.

I'd like to share that great feeling with you 
because I know You'll Like that feeling too.

How Can a Better Best Friend Help You Today?

This works for Personal and Business Relationships too, because When Your Prospects and Clients Know, Like and Trust You more than your competitors you'll get more Referrals and Repeat Sales than your competitors.  

Everyone Says that the more Friends you have, the Richer you are.  I think this is true on both Emotional and Financial levels.

That's Why Smart Business people Know that Good Relationships are the New Currency, because the only difference between Contacts and Contracts is the letter "R", which stands for "Relationships".  So at Better Best Friend Cards and Gifts,
 we help you Build and Nurture those Relationships every time you use our service.  

We can help you on-line with services from or off-line at  

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