Better Best Friends Build Better Relationships
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Why Offline is Better

Why Off-line is Better... 

If Sharing Pictures On-line is Good and Sharing Pictures Off-line is Better, then a combination of the two is Best. And if You Can Save or Make Money with both using your smartphone... that's BetterBest and we're a movement worth joining now!

(1) Because there are no Spam Filters.  100% delivery rate!  When I get mail in a window envelope or looks like a solicitation it usually goes in the trash unopened (Ok, I shred it but you know what I meant).  But a Greeting card is different.

(2) When you get a personalized greeting card in the mail, it doesn't look like advertising (Taking), it looks personal because it is personal (Giving).  Greeting cards, especially Birthday cards are the earliest type of personal mail you got as a child.  They were the first envelope you opened with glee because it was addressed to only you and had something funny or nice from Grandma or Grandpa.  Maybe even a couple dollars.  Greeting cards have held and will always hold a strong emotional place in everyone's heart for our whole lives. 

(3) Plus all your competitors are On-line so when You Go Off-line, You Stand Out From the Crowd

(4) You can put a heartfelt, personal and memorable message with your photo that can be held in their hands, read over and over and saved on a desk or mantle for years.  We all do this, and probably always will.  

...Using an easy Smartphone APP to send Off-line cards and gifts is BetterBest!

You Can Make and Send out Personalized Smartphone Photos Cards with your own text and signature straight from your smartphone in just a couple of minutes.  I call these Selfie2Youfie cards that are hand delivered to their door or mailbox.

My wife and I have several custom photo greeting cards on our mantle that have been there for years.  I could scroll thru my phone looking for some of them, but it's easier and nicer to just look at my mantel at home or desk at work to see my favorite  photos with heartfelt or funny memories I want to preserve and share with others. 

Better Best Friend gives you an easy to use Relationship Appreciation service to keep in touch with friends, family, customers and prospects in a way that makes them feel special and valued like a Better Best Friend.  

We'll save you time by automating the process so you never forget an important date or event.  We also save you money because our cards (even the ones customized with your photo) cost less than a card from a store.  

So What's so Special about the "Better Best Friend" Movement?

We all have Friends that we like and at least one or more "Best Friends" that we like a lot more than others because they like us as much as we like them.  You probably have a lot in common and or a history of fun and exciting times that created great memories.  And probably great photos of those fun times too.  Photos are a great and easy way to trigger those good memories which lead to feeling as good as when you took the photo.  Good Times indeed.  
Well, you probably have those photos on your phone or on facebook or instagram.  But if your phone and facebook account is like mine, those photos and memories scroll away or get buried with new photos and life in general. They become history that you have to search for to be reminded of those good times.  

What a Better Best Friend does is put that photo on a greeting card and mails it to that "Best Friend" or Friend you want to appreciate like a "Best Friend".  Because it's a personalized photo and heartfelt message that brings all those great memories back to the surface , you and I and everyone else puts that photo greeting card on our desk, mantel, wall or bedside table for a constant reminder of those great memories.  Do you remember how you felt when you got a personal greeting card, especially when it's not your birthday?

This works for Personal and Business Relationships too, because When Your Prospects and Clients Know, Like and Trust You more than your competitors you'll get more Referrals and Repeat Sales than your competitors.  

*To Send a Free Card   to Someone (even yourself if you wish), just follow this link to and click the "Send a Card" link.  

Select from thousands of cards and formats.  There is a pop-up video to walk you thru the steps if you need help.  Customize the card of your choice with whatever text and photo you want, then follow the steps to send it to the person you want to impress.  I'll pay for the card, the envelope and postage too on this free sample card. 

FYI... To get the most value from this free card, don't make it hard sell card, make it a personal message of gratitude with your photo, because that's how you build stronger relationships.  And aren't stronger relationships the true Better Best Success in Life?  Get Your Free Card Mailed to Someone You Care About at

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